Spineless Wonders is now accepting submissions of short fiction from writers between 18 and 30 years of age for its digital-only publication program, Slinkies.
Use this form to submit your short fiction (up to 10,000 words). Feel free to attach information about yourself and your writing.
If we like your piece we will send you an eSingles agreement.

Spineless Wonders is currently accepting submissions for Earworms, its audio program. For information about Earworms, see our website. www.shortaustralianstories.com.au

Submissions can be from 5 to 60 minutes duration and in any genre.

Use this form to upload your audio story (mp3 or WAV format). You can attach more than one audio story provided the total duration does not exceed 60 minutes.

Audio submissions do not have to be broadcast quality, or include sound production. All you need to do is record your short story or prose poem on a computer, a mobile, or a dictaphone, and send us an mp3. If we like your piece we'll send you a contract and, if necesssary, ask you to re-record.

You can also use this form to include a word document with information about yourself, the publication or award history of the submissions, your other publications and links to your website. Upload an author pic (jpeg, TIFF or GIF).

For further inquiries, email bronwyn@shortaustralianstories.com.au