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Spineless Wonders is looking for writing:

  • under 10,000 words
  • of absolutely any genre or style

to publish and promote in our annual anthology of carefully hand-selected submissions. 

Get published! Make sure your ID says you’re under 30 years old. And that you are either currently residing in Australia or are an Australian living overseas. So simple! Submit and be in the running to feel that unadulterated rush of  creating something that other people will read. We particularly welcome  writers from diverse/disadvantaged backgrounds and if you want to send  us something in a language other than English, with translation, do it.  Got illustrations? Made a zine? We love text and we love graphics. 

Entry is free. You may enter as many submissions as you like. Just use a separate entry form for each submission. Oh, and if you plan to submit the same work to lots of places - come back to us another time. It's really disappointing for us to spend time reading and discussing your work only to find you've been accepted by someone else in the meantime.

Please note, as we are not accepting submissions from previous Slinkies winners. 

For information about our judges and previous Slinkies authors and publicaitons, check out www.shortaustralianstories.com.au

Spineless Wonders